Where to go on the best horseback rides in the world?

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September 27th is known as World Tourism Day. That is why we will dedicate this news to know and show you the best places in the world to make different routes on horseback with which you can enjoy a full equestrian experience.

Iceland is one of the best places to visit. The Icelandic horse, a small but robust horse. When you travel around Iceland you immediately notice that the horse is present among its inhabitants. There are horseback riding tours all over Iceland on many different farms. Many are only a few minutes from Reykjavík. The tours are suitable for all levels of experience and can last from half a day to ten days.

Mexico is another very interesting country. Its wide variety of landscapes offers a range of opportunities for any rider who wants to enjoy a Horseback Riding Holiday. Rancho Las Cascadas is located about 100 km north of Mexico City. It offers unlimited guided trails and open country riding routes for all levels. Majestic mountains, open fields, peaceful lakes, waterfalls and lush vistas await you. No artist could paint a more perfect landscape.

There are countless landscapes on our planet to discover on horseback and almost none like this one. One of the most incredible is in northern Asia, specifically in Mongolia. Mongolia is an adventure destination, where riders can experience nomadic culture and unspoilt landscapes. It stands out as one of the few places where nature still remains in its original state, creating a magical setting to experience it on horseback.

Italy is also a country that invites you to enjoy a holiday on horseback. Its geographical location, Mediterranean climate and wide variety of landscapes make it a sought-after equestrian destination. Italy's regions offer horse lovers many options: in particular, the wonderful "Toscana" and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. "La toscana" is truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a romantic and intimate natural area with its picturesque green hills full of vineyards and olive groves. In Sicily, you can visit Mount Etna, an area whose trails require a good level of horsemanship because of its traces of past eruptions. Finally, the island of Sardinia distils the colours, aromas and flavours of the western Mediterranean, and combines them with an ancient world of thousand-year-old villages.

Spain is a country with a long tradition in Equestrian Tourism. Its diversity of landscapes and climate favour the development of this activity. It also has a breed of horse that is unique in the world. Extremadura is one of the regions with the longest equestrian tradition in Spain.

Horse riding on holiday in Wales is a rewarding experience. Your horse riding tours on a Welsh Cob will be magnificent. As for the equestrian tourism on offer here, you'll be riding between mountains, beaches and plenty of green, green countryside. While the equestrian trails here take you through small villages scattered in its charming rural landscapes.

Last but not least, we have left one of the most impressive places, Norway. Horseback riding in Norway is all about appreciating the natural wonders of rural Scandinavia first hand. Norway is iconic for its glaciers, extensive valleys and high peaks. Equestrian trails will take you through deep valleys, mountains and wide open spaces to gallop freely. In this country, adventure is superlative when you ride an authentic Norwegian horse, which is highly trained for this type of equestrian excursion.

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