Summary 6th Week Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2023

Summary 6th Week Andalucía Sunshine Tour 2023

The sixth week of competition ended yesterday, Sunday 19th March and we will summarise the highlights of the day. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 7th and final week of the Andalucía Sunshine Tour begins.

Suzuki Grand Prix

On Sunday, the most important and last race of the day, Grand Prix Big Tour 1,55m, took place. The Irishman Michael Pender won the Grand Prix Suzuki with "HHS Calais". The second position was for the German Michael Viehweg with "Contario", the podium was completed by the Spanish Santiago Núñez Riva on "Chakira Z".

Young horse tests

As every week, the first days of the week are dedicated to the young horse tests, horses between 5, 6 and 7 years old.

  • Horses 7 years old: The 7 years old tests, which took place at a height of 1,30 m., gave the victory to the Bulgarian Konstantin E. van Damme with "Charly Brown G", who had already won other tests in the previous weeks; and the Swedish Jacob Hellström with "Charles" was also triumphant. The Spaniard Hugo Álvarez Amaro with "Casaspezia" took second place with a very good ride. On Wednesday we also had new tests. This time, it was "Lolita" with Thibault Touron and "Charles" with the Swedish Jacob Hellström, who won.

  • Horses 6 years old: On Tuesday, we enjoyed Francisco de Asis Arango from Madrid who placed second in the 6 years old test at 1.15 m. jumping "Moesman de Lis Es", beaten by the Irish Shane O'reilly with "BWE Vain Hero". The second test was won by the British Emma Stoker who jumped "Priskada". On the other hand, Wednesday's race was won by Jason Foley with "colossus HD". In the second test, the British Emma Stoker repeated her victory and closed Wednesday's day with another victory jumping "Comme Ci Comme Ca".

  • 5 years old horses: Wednesday was very important for the 5 years old horses with 1.10 m courses. The first positions went to "Skylla's Little Stevie" and "A Magic Mike Z" ridden by the British Ronnie Jones and Jude Burgess, repeating victories for another week. The Spaniard Juan Manuel de Jove was second with "Amarylis de Olid".

Small Grand Prix, Big Tour and Medium Tour 

Good Spanish results in the Big Tour, Carolina Villanueva Suárez won the two special phases at a height of 1.45m. This category was closed with the Indian victory of Maryk Sahney in 1,35 m. with "Flyer B"

The Grand Prix at 1.50 m. of the Medium Tour opened the last day. The winner was Brazilian Felipe Amaral who jumped "Android 3K". Another Brazilian, Luiz Felipe Cortizo Gonçalves de Azevedo Filho was second with "Sierra du Piedroux Z", and another good national result, with a third place to the Spanish rider Alessandra Reich riding "Anyway van het Kervijnhof Z".

In the Medium Tour, the first place went to Edward Levy with "Confidence d'Ass".  Another good Spanish result, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar was third again, this time in 1,45 m. and with "Enjoy de la Mure".

Spanish triumph in the Grand Prix 1,35 m. of the CSI1* by Jimena García with "Gismo de Pravia". In the 1,40 m. test the first position was won by Jorge Bidón jumping "Duska". In the 1,30 m. test it was Stanislas de Malet with "Hector de Laubry Z" who won first place. Second place went to Aina Cifre Amengual with "Voyelle du Lesme".

Kevin González de Zárate won in the 1,45m test with "Kilimanjaro van Overis Z". In the 1,40m test we could see another British triumph, and that's how many we have already seen, Nathan Bull with "Milton van Vrijhern" and the American Adam Prudent with "Dame de Pique" were the ones who won the two 1,40m tests disputed.

Small Tour

The Small Tour, in particular the 1.40 m. event, ended with the victory of the British rider Henry Turrell with "Challenger". Britain's Marnie Darcy Green won in 1.30m with "Ice Cold Z" and Germany's Laureen Budde won in 1.35m with "Gosbodino 2".

The Small Tour Grand Prix 1.45m went to Ireland's Ciaran Nallon with "Fifty Shades of Grey". Leticia Riva Gil obtained a meritorious second place with "Cadum de Champloue".

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