New expressions of Horse Art in Milan

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Orodé Deoro and Dario Giancane worked closely with Camilla Filograna to create “Fracta” an exhibition curated by Andrea Novembre. 

Four artists joined their efforts to create an exhibition that puts the horse in the epicentre. Their work resulted in eight large works that combine the photographic language of Filograna with the mosaico decorations of Deoro and the oxidized iron sheets by Giancane. The revolutionary artistic concept puts visual art and decorative art into contrast. 

The exhibition starts with the shots of the photographer which make up one half of the work. The other two artists intervene alternately on the other half using their own mode of expression. This has resulted in a piece where the authors acted with great expressive freedom and put aside the ego of the individual to make room for a collective cooperation. 

This means each work is unique. As they are presented differently, the final result is more than just a sum of individual interventions. 

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Fracta: the equine figure as choice of subject

As the title suggests, fragmentation is the focus of the artists’ attention. The art of the photographer Camilla Filograna is, according to her, “like any visual art, the representation by default of the complexity of reality”.  As a piece of the photograph is cut out and reconstructed and completed by the other two authors, it restores its complexity and richness. 

However, the choice of subject repeated throughout all the pieces is the horse. The equine figure carries a contradictory symbolism: for some cultures it is seen as a vital creature, while in others it is nocturnal and infernal. As it is a double subject, in this case it can be perceived as intrinsically fragmented.