In the lense of Equestrio

In the lense of Equestrio

5 min

EQUESTRIO shows us the world through an equestrian lense. This magazine offers a chance to immerse in the diversity of the equestrian universe. They select the most beautiful subjects explored by artists from a vast background around the world and they partner with emerging talents to discover a unique vision of the horse that is lyrical, authentic and powerful.

Learn more about the history behind these particular painted horses. Get ready to discover the world of Tiffany Foster in Wellington, Florida, as you take a look behind the scenes of Equestrio’s latest fashion shoot with show jumper Hannah Selleck.

Embrace the world of French show jumper Jerome Hurel and get to know the GPA’s rider Maelle Martin as well as Lauren Hough.

All of this and much more in the lense of Equestrio, now available on Horse TV.

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