Looking into Italian equestrian heroes

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Italy is a country known for its horse tradition and for being one of the world’s top equestrian nations. Having achieved several Olympic medals and FEI titles, it has gained its spot in the pinnacle of equestrianism. 

Not only are Italian equestrians well known, but the country also hosts big horse sports events as well. Last year, it hosted the GCL and LGCT events two weeks in a row in Rome, has received the FEI World Cup and FEI Nations Cup several times and celebrates important national events like the Coppa Lazio and Memorial Giovanni Agnelli

The FISE Awards 2022 will take place in Rome on the 7th of March. Here, we will find out the best Italian equestrian riders for the past year. Meanwhile, let’s look into some of the most famous Italian equestrian heroes that have shaped the history of equestrian sports worldwide. 

Lorenzo de Luca

“Keep on trying and work hard. Most importantly, never stop learning and remember to love your horses because they are very intelligent animals.”

Born in 1987 (35 years old), Lorenzo de Luca started riding when he was only nine years old. Since that moment, he knew horse riding was his passion as he knows success depends on the relationship between horse and rider. 

Besides horses, he loves music, and is often seen listening to ‘The Boss’, Bruce Springsteen, father of his girlfriend, the Jumping athlete who came in second place in the Team Jumping at the Olympics, Jessica Springsteen.  

Amongst his achievements, Lorenzo de Luca has helped his national team in the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup and has achieved victory in the Piazza di Siena 2017 Grand Prix. Also, he won the Rome Grand Prix in 2018 with Halifax van Het Kluizebos. Lorenzo de Luca holds to the date 123 wins.

Bruno Chimirri

Born in 1971 (50 years old), Bruno Chimirri has competed in two events at the 2004 Summer Olympics and has helped train future Italian equestrian talent in this competitive sport in Horse Academy Pro. His hero is Italian jumping rider Raimondo d’Inzeo and recently in 2021 he fractured his collarbone after falling from his horse during a competition. 

Amongst his family, his cousin Vincenzo Chimirri has represented Italy in the equestrian jumping at the 2012 Olympic Games of London. Also, his partner, Violetta Morganti, competes at an elite level and his daughter Elisa is involved in equestrian competitions at junior level.

Bruno Chimirri holds 27 victories and competes in both individual and team international events. 

Sara Morganti

Born in 1976 (45 years old), Sara Morganti is currently world’s number 2 in the FEI Para Dressage World Individual Ranking. She has claimed two gold medals in the FEI World Equestrian Games of Tryon 2018 with Royal Delight and also a gold and silver medal in the FEI World Equestrian Games of Normandy, 2014. 

Moreover, in 2011 she broke her tibia and fibula when her horse fell and landed on her. Although the bones were not fully healed, she joined competition and won silver and bronze medals at the European Championship three months afterwards. 

She is the first Para Dressage athlete to join the Italian Military Sports Club in 2021 and holds 82 victories. Her idol is British Para equestrian rider Lee Pearson.

Costanza Laliscia

Born in 1999 (aged 23) she is the European champion in Endurance and famous Italian equestrian influencer. She won the FISE Awards 2021 award for Influencer of the Year and is also aiming to win the Best Rider Non Olympic Disciplines award this year. 

Costanza is a Physical Education undergraduate and has already finished top of the FEI Endurance Young Rider World Ranking twice. Moreover, she was nominated as Rising Star for the FEI Awards 2019.

Her father is Gianluca Laliscia, and he has represented Italy in endurance and won gold in the team competition at the 2004 World Championships in Dubai. Costanza holds 27 victories and in her free time she likes to play sports and go shopping.