10 spooky Halloween “costumes” for your horse

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The “spooky season” is here and we are excited to dress up with our equine friend! Themed costumes for horses can be fun, cute and clever and there are certainly some extravagant horse costumes that blow our minds away. 

Instead of covering your horse in all kinds of clothes and cardboards these people have come up with some great horse Halloween costume ideas. Let’s check out some of our favourite horse costume ideas for horse and rider.

What NOT to do when dressing up your horse for Halloween

Costumes can sometimes make people feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or unsafe. To avoid being harmful or offensive mocking people’s cultures or faith, there are some basic things you can do to avoid mistakes when dressing up. 

Do not use costumes that are racist or ethnic stereotypes: Painting your horse’s skin tone to mimic another race or ethnicity is not acceptable. This is rooted in a centuries-old racist performance that reinforced harmful negative stereotypes about people of color. 

Similarly, “gypsy” costumes often mock Roma people, representing them as “wild native” or “savages” and dehumanizing them. This is insensitive and can be very hurtful. 

Avoid races or religious objects: You cannot dress up as an entire race, and this normally creates stereotypes. Also, try to avoid wearing a costume that mocks the tradition or cultures of others. This could disrespect the religious significance of symbols of a culture.

When doubting, choose another costume! If you have doubts on whether that costume is disrespectful or not just change your costume for another. To make equestrian sports a welcoming and safe place, let’s take responsibility for our actions and values. 

What will you be dressing up with your horse for Halloween? Share with us your creations on our social media: we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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