International Earth Day: Sustainability of Horses

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Today, in celebration of the International Earth Day, we would like to raise awareness about the environmental impact horse keeping has on our planet and what ways we could reduce the negative footprint. 

Equestrian activities require land resources and energy inputs that produce potentially polluting waste if not managed properly. These factors can lead to undesirable environmental impacts affecting soil, water, and air as well as human and animal health.

As Amanda R. Shere asserts in her paper ‘Reducing the environmental impact of Horse keeping’: “Horseback riding is a lifestyle choice and recreational activity that has contributed to degradation of natural systems”.

That is why, for the future continuation of equestrianism, it is necessary to improve horse related activities and move in the direction of sustainable operation. The author proposes to implement “a few mitigation efforts in the critical areas of energy use, manure management, and water management”. This impact would be greatly reduced and make a difference for the future of the horse industry.

What would you do to improve and ensure this industry environmental impact?

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