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Autumn, fallen leaves, a hot drink and a cozy evening at home while hearing the rain fall down the window. If you agree with us that this is the perfect plan for those cold rainy days then find out what horse shows to watch on a rainy day at home. 

On HorseTV we are dedicated 24/7 to equestrian programs. These include the latest show jumping competitions, dressage events and other disciplines as eventing, polo or vaulting. In this article, we have included the 4 most comforting lifestyle shows for a cosy evening at home as well as some of the most exciting full competitions for a couple of hours of intense sports. 

Rides Magazine: exploring the bond between humans and horses

From the hills of New Zealand to the vineyards of Italy, or even the hot sun of Kuwait, this horse show takes a deeper look into the equestrian world and the community that builds it. In Rides Magazine we ride into the stories of those who find companionship in horses. 

Meeting up with athletes who share their perspective of horse sports and finding out more of how riding helps with the mental and physical health of people are some of the things we will explore. This is one of the most comforting horse shows to watch on an autumn rainy day at home! 

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Horse Academy Pro: the horse show to become a PRO 

Exclusively on HorseTV, Horse Academy Pro is an unique opportunity for international horse riders to become the most successful riders in equestrian history. We follow their evolution towards perfection for the next year, with famous appearances of guests as Rolf-Göran Bengstsson, Massimo Grossato, Holger Hetzel, Uliano Vezzani and more. 

In this show, participants push their limits to become one with their horse. Will they have what it takes to become a PRO in equestrian sports? Find out on Horse Academy Pro. 

Ride Show: The immensity of an equestrian lifestyle

If you have already watched Rides Magazine then you will find Ride Show to be similar and equally enjoyable. In this five-part series, we go on a journey exploring the equestrian world and the connection with horses. 

When we own a horse, we have a life companion that cannot be compared with pets. They require attentive care and they share connections with humans as both challenge themselves to improve continually. 

Now in Ride Show, a program by FEI, you can hear the stories of those who found solace and companionship in horses and discover the secrets inside the equestrian world. 

FEI Icons: Discover the icons in the equestrian world

With more than 100 years of history, the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) has been part of the most significant moments in equestrian sports. Disciplines go from jumping to dressage or even driving and vaulting, and FEI decided to reflect on the best moments. 

These icons have participated for many years in FEI competitions. Each episode will focus on a different rider, finding out their lifestyle and the preparation they underwent to become the best in their field. 

FEI Icons is one of the best horse TV shows to watch on a rainy day at home.

Full competitions: best horse shows for a long evening at home

If you would rather watch a full show jumping or dressage competition instead of a lifestyle show, then we have the most exciting competitions in equestrian events. From Nations Cup competitions to World Cup events and even The Dutch Masters from the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. 

If you would like to know when each is broadcasting next, then take a look at some of the full competitions we broadcast on our website:

We hope this article will get you inspired for your next horse themed show binge watching session at home. If you would like to leave us a comment and find out more news, we are on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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