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Ingrid Klimke has reported a serious rib and chest injury after falling in Poland while competing at the Equestrian Festival of Baborówko. She will unfortunately miss what would have been her sixth Olympic appearance as athlete in Tokyo 2020 this July. 

The eventing rider was competing at the Cascamara in the CCI3*-S division.  Her horse fell on cross country. This provoked the horse accident in the Polish facility during this eventing competition.

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“After my fall in the @eventing_baborowko area, I sustained a serious chest injury!” -Ingrid Klimke, eventing rider on her Instagram account. 

Klimke had qualified for eventing and dressage

After qualifying for both equestrian sports representing Germany, Ingrid Klimke experienced bad luck when her dressage partner, Franziskus, had to step out due to injury earlier this year. Moreover, her other top eventer horse, SAP Asha P, also had to sideline after sustaining injury during training in April. 

“The operation in Münser went well and now I need rest and time to heal! I am very sad that my greatest dream - to take part in my 6th Olympic Games - has come to an end! Defending our title at the European Championship in September is our next big goal.” 

Eventing changes rules since the start of June

Three rules that had been previously reported by the USEA will take effect on June 1, 2021. These rules pretend to reduce the risk during eventing competitions. 

The first rule change recognizes that licensed cross-country course designers by the nature of their training and licensing are able to identify dangerous riding. This means they will have the authority to stop a rider on course for dangerous riding. 

Moreover, the other rule changes involve retirement due to poor show jumping performance. British Eventing had instituted a similar rule many years ago. This rule pretends to be an additional measure to minimize the risk in this equestrian sport. Furthermore, it encourages a culture of good horsemanship. 

The riskiest equestrian sport

All horse-riding can be considered risky. In competitive horse sports, eventing is considered the riskiest sport and is characterised as being very dangerous. However, a study made by Denzil O’Brien in Animals, an international peer-reviewed journal, has a different approach.

According to this study that examined the risk for both riders and horses is the jump itself and the action of horse jumping. More than 90% of falls happen at the jump. FEI is undertaking a research project on the factors that contribute to falls and injuries, examining the role played by specific fence types. 

Eventing can never be totally risk-free for rider and horse. The focus of risk calculation should be first on the jump. However, also assessing the whole course and creating new rules that ensure safety of riders is vital to safeguard the equestrian athletes. 

On HorseTV we want to wish Ingrid Klimke a fast recovery and the best of luck defending the title at the European Championship

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