First female eventing Olympic gold goes to Krajewski

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Eventer Julia Krajewski has made history as the first female to win the Olympic gold in this event at the Equestrian Park of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

Great Britain’s Tom McEwen won silver with Toledo de Kerser while Australia’s Andrew Hoy with Vassily de Lassos clinched the Olympic medal in his eighth Olympics at the eventing competition. 

McEwen was the surprise top contender from Great Britain during the final round, as Laura Collett and Oliver Townend missed out under the pressure. Michael Jung, from the German Eventing team was also out of the podium. 

Krajewski was able to claim the Olympic gold medal with the final round that gave her a score of 26.00. McEwen managed 29.30 after incurring a time penalty of .40 while Andrew Hoy won the bronze medal with 29.60. 

Hoy started with a flawless round that gave him the first position in the ranking, however when McEwen put in a clear run at the jump-off he took the gold medal away from the Aussie rider. Townend had a chance to do a clear round, but it was not meant to be as the British rider knocked over a bar and picked up a time penalty. 

The final rider, Germany’s Julia Krajewski, was ready to snatch the gold medal away from McEwen. She was confident on top of Amande de B’Neville and despite the minor time penalty, claimed the first female eventing Olympic gold. 

Final results in the Individual’s Eventing Tokyo Olympics

  1. Julia Krajewski with Amande de B’Neville (GER) 26.00
  2. Tom McEwen with Toledo de Kerser (GBR) 29.30
  3. Andrew Hoy with Vassily de Lassos (AUS) 29.60

Image credit to Reuters

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