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Last weekend, on March 24 and 25, the equestrian raid "Ciudad de Badajoz" was held in Badajoz, Extremadura.

This is the 55th edition of the championship, making it a legend in the Extremadura community. In addition, this edition has had record participation with 59 entries from six different countries, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, China, France and Austria.

Raid “Ciudad de Badajoz”

It has been divided into 2 championships of amateur category and veteran category.

The Spanish Championship of Amateur category had a total of 120 kilometers during 3 phases of 37 kilometers the first two and the last one of 21.5 km.

On the other hand, the Spanish Championship of Veteran category in which about 100 kilometers were covered and which was divided into 2 phases of 37 kilometers each.

The following races were also held: CEI** of 120 km, CEI* of 100 km, CEN** of 120 km, CEN* of 100 km, CEN of 80 km V.C, CEN of 60 km V.C, CEN of 40 km V.C.

Winners of the Badajoz Equestrian Raid

  • Diego Ruiz San Roman, Amateur Champion of Spain, with a time of 6 minutes.

  • Jesús García Duro, Spanish Veteran Champion by one thousandth of a second, which placed him ahead of Manuel Tena Zamora.
  • The Portuguese Joao Tome Barbosa, winner of the CEI** of 120 km, also by one thousandth of a second in front of his compatriot Rui Lanternas.
  • With a time of less than 5 minutes, the Spaniard Francis Herrera took the victory of the 100 km CEI*.
  • With more than a minute difference from the second place, Rocio Herrera was proclaimed winner of the 100 km CEN*.
  • Another victory by one thousandth of a second, Jesús Ruiz Subirán, won the CENO* against Jesús Ruiz Rojas.
  • In the CEN 40, Miguel Cordoba Perez, took the victory and Almudena Albarran got the classification.
  • Asturias GOLD by teams in the championship of Spain Amateur Raid 2023. 120 Km.
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