Araucaria Polo Club, first club to join the 2023 Polo Rider Cup

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The Polo Rider Cup is to bring together the best polo clubs from around the world during 10-day playing with the same rules in a single club.

Araucaria Polo Club (ARG) returns to the Polo Rider Club, the first club to confirm its participation in the third edition that will be held from 14 to 24 June 2023 at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez.The Argentinian club, based in Lobos, will be repeating its Polo Rider Club line-up, with Fabio and Luca Meier from Switzerland and Argentina’s Fabian Bolanteiro.

Fabio Meier, Captain of Araucaria Polo Club, comments: “We are happy to be part of the Polo Rider Club for the second time. Next year it will be in St Tropez and we know the club very well as we have played here every year since my brother Luca and I started playing polo. Last year we were very pleased with the organization of the tournament and all the special events around it. We hope we can improve our result and we are very much looking forward to participating in another chapter of the POLO RIDER CUP.”

Olivier Godallier, Founder & President of GAME POLO, comments: “We are very glad to count on the Araucaria Polo Club again in the third edition of the Polo Rider Cup. The Argentinian club played a great tournament in 2022 with an experienced and well-balanced team. They know each other very well, having played many tournaments together and are definitely a very competitive team.”

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