AlUlA is the magical scenery for the first ever Desert Polo

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Polo is a growing sport that grasps the attention of people worldwide. Despite being considered the first sport in history, it is still evolving. Last year, the first ever-official tournament in Saudi Arabia took place in the middle of the desert. It was a beautiful spectacle in a UNESCO World Heritage.

1000 kilometres north of the capital city, Riyadh, the AlUla desert welcomed the Winter at Tantora Cultural Festival. Amr Zedan, president of the Saudi Polo Federation, Mohammed Al Habtoor, founder of the Dubai Gold Cup Series and four players from La Dolfina participated in this breath-taking event.

“It is great that polo takes us to these places, places maybe I wouldn’t have gone to.” Said Adolfo Cambiaso, winner of the Argentinian Open. “It gets me very happy, it is fun, we go in teams, we are four friends; it’s more than a fun trip, there are many expectations”.

In total, four teams formed by 3 players took place in this historical event. This has been a great way of promoting polo worldwide as well as the diversifying economy of Saudi Arabia. Amr Zedan stated they are proud to use equestrian sports, in particular polo, as a way of portraying Saudi Arabia as the truly great destination and global experience it really is.

If you are excited about seeing the highlights of this historical event, find out when it will be available next HERE.

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