Open de France Feminin Chantilly

60 min

Four teams participate in the Open de France Femenin Chantilly to become the champions. The Open de France begins at the Polo Club de Chantilly, the most important tournament of the club's season.

Women are asserting themselves more and more in the mixed Chantilly Polo tournaments, regularly winning competitions with one, two or even three riders who do not let themselves be intimidated by the men on the pitch. The Open de France Femenin Chantilly is, as the name suggests, exclusively for them.

Located on the grounds of the big village farm of Apremont, Chantilly Polo Club is not far of the French capital, and the quality of their fields and organization always secures a great competition for an increasing number of sport loving families.

Don't miss out on the 2020 Feminin Final - Maison Decale vs. DS automobiles.

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