Longines Masters - New York Competition

Longines Masters - New York Competition

150 min

The Longines Masters of New York proudly offer unparalleled first-class sport attracting the world's top-ranked equestrian athletes to the Big Apple. This heart-pounding equestrian sport is a one in a lifetime experience for riders and spectators likewise.

It divides in classes such as the unique Longines Speed Challenge, dubbed the fastest class in the world, and the Longines Grand Prix. If this was not enough it is accompanied by live performances, luxury shopping in the Prestige Village, delicious cuisine and more surprises we don’t want to miss out.

Taking up the spotlight, the Riders Masters Cup showcases two rounds of one-on-one speed duels to decide the winning team in a transatlantic battle of Riders USA vs. Riders Europe.

Watch the full competition of the 2019 Longines Masters New York Competition.

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