Longines Master

Longines Master

60 min

In a world that is becoming more digital, the experience to live a spectacle is a rare and enviable commodity. All over the world sports events gather the crowds and unlock passions, inspired by social networks. Each new season of the Longines Masters Series provides of a show like no other across three continents, three cultures and three emblematic cities: Paris, Hong Kong and New York.

The Longines Masters series "Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping" is known as one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world. Every year, it attracts the best horses and riders on the planet, and it is a unique place of celebration of the best of the sport of Show Jumping. It offers entertainment for passionate equestrians, horse lovers and all who enjoy a unique experience.

Be part of the Longines Masters and watch the highlights of this international competition.

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