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The first edition of the POLO RIDER CUP will be hosted from the 10th to the 20th of June 2021 in the Polo Club of Chantilly, at the north of Paris. It follows international rules enacted by the FIP (Federation International of Polo). 

We will be able to enjoy the Polo Rider Cup from HorseTV. Our equestrian channel will air the first edition of this competition with twelve teams representing a Polo Club at this 2021 Polo Rider Cup edition. 

The tournament will be played with a 10/12 goal handicap, 5 chuckers per game and a total of 30 games. This international tournament will bring the best Clubs from all around the globe together as they dispute the Cup. 

Teams include Hong Kong, Hamburger, Chantilly, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Zurich, Deauville, Empire, La Aguada, Las Brisas, Dos Lunas and St Moritz. 

Chantilly: a strong equestrian heritage

Close to Charles de Gaulle airport, the Chantilly Polo Club is located in a large clearing on the grounds of the village of Apremont. 

The club has all the facilities for world level competition, and throughout the seasons, it shares the same passion for horses gathered by the founders of the club, their children and grandchildren. Moreover the quality of the fields have already allowed the club to host one World Championship and two European Championships

Chantilly is undoubtedly famous for the famous Château de Chantilly, but it is also considered the “Equestrian Capital” in France. Often referred to as a paradise for horse-lovers, it dedicates its energies to equestrian competitions.

Watch the 2021 Polo Rider Cup competition live on Horse TV: the equestrian channel. 

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