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Daniel Deusser and Bingo Ste Hermelle won the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Cannes presented by Volvo Groupe Cavallari while Prague Lions raised to the top of the podium in the Global Champions League for their second time this season. 

On-point team strategy

Prague Lions’ Pieter Devos and Niels Bruynseels were superb in the GCL Cannes, catapulting to the second overall spot in the championship race. Shanghai Swans Christian Ahlmann and Max Kühner held onto the second spot, while the duo of Eric and Maikel van der Vleuten from Madrid in Motion finished third. 

After competition in Cannes there was a big change in the overall rankings in their fight for the GCL Super Cup Semi-Final at the GC Prague Playoffs. In the lead is Berlin Eagles on 133 points, however, now Prague Lions sit in second place at just two points difference, 131 overall. Stockholm Hearts has dropped to third spot with 128, and Madrid in Motion is determined to move up, sitting on 126 points. 

“We did a fantastic job here by managing our team very well. The first day Brian rode very well and then today we brought Niels in with a very fresh horse and of course a very good rider so I think we did good tactics to stand here on top of the podium.” -Pieter Devos. 

Uliano Vezzani’s course had an extremely delicate track with no teams managing to jump a double clear. As the final team to go, Prague Lions had the pressure on their shoulders. Pieter Devos entered first with Claire Z, but they had an unlucky pole, meaning it was all up to Niels Bruynseels and Delux van T & L. They delivered and finished clear, clinching the win. 

Risky triumph for Daniel Deusser in LGCT

Daniel Deusser and Bingo Ste Hermelle risked it as they went first in the jump-off and earned victory in Cannes. He won just 0.23s ahead of Spencer Smith and Theodore Manciais in second. Finally, Ben Maher and Faltic HB claimed third place in the 7th leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour circuit. 

“I am very very very happy with my little horse tonight. First to go in the jump-off is never easy. I took all the risks to the last fence, it is a great atmosphere here tonight and a great jump-off but of course, I wanted to be number 1.” -Daniel Deusser

Longines Global Champions Tour has shared on their Youtube Channel the Post Studio of the LGCT Grand Prix Cannes 2022:

With this victory, Deusser has secured a spot at the Longines Global Champions Tour Super Grand Prix later this year. With his performance, now Christian Ahlmann continues his lead in the overall season rankings on 148 points followed by Pieter Devos on 139 points. Niels Bruynseels is on 127 points, just three points ahead of Ben Maher. 

A rollercoaster performance

Uliano Vezzani proved to be a superb Course Designer in Cannes with a tough first round that triggered faults and retirements from top riders. This meant that only 6 managed to get through to the jump-off. 

First to jump was Daniel Deusser, who flew across the course and risked it all in 34.62s, putting pressure on the rest of the riders. Max Kühner tried to surpass his performance but could not match the pace, stopping the clock in 37.40s. Kevin Staut went third but with two down he ended his chances of winning at home. 

Ben Maher was looking for his LGCT Super Grand Prix ticket in Cannes, however, although taking one less stride than Deusser in the first and penultimate lines, he stopped the clock slower than Deusser, on 35.68s. Spencer Smith was not intimidated by his rivals and gained time between fences. However, an extra check to the final fence meant he crossed fractions of a second behind Deusser, in 34.90s. 

Last to go was Fernando Martinez Sommer and High Five, who gave their best show but put on four faults. 

Now the LGCT and GCL head to the Swedish capital of Stockholm from the 17th to the 19th of June. As we are mid-way through the season, it is becoming increasingly crucial for all riders to outperform to earn their golden ticket for Prague. 

If you would like watching highlights of the show jumping in the French Riviera, stay tuned to HorseTV! We are broadcasting the 2022 season of LGCT and GCL

Images from LGCT's website
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