Martin Fuchs and Ben Maher triumph in Geneva

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Martin Fuchs achieved a magnificent victory in the 60th edition of the CHI Geneva, the fourth leg of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. Meanwhile, Ben Maher has been recently crowned winner of the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final. 

The Swiss crowd was thrilled to see the Swiss rider, Martin Fuchs, win his second GP in Geneva in a row, following his first win in 2019 with Clooney 51. This time, he achieved the feat with Leone Jei in a flawless round at the jump-off designed by Gérard Lachat.  

“When I walked the course, I told Gerard that this was probably the best course you could imagine.” -Martin Fuchs

Only six made it to the jump-off

The brilliantly designed course was calculated perfectly but also difficult to ride. The audience cheered for Bryan Balsiger, from Neuchâtel. However, he suffered a fault at the last obstacle, missing on the jump-off. 

Some other great champions including Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final, Ben Maher, and two contenders Steve Guerdat and Daniel Deusser missed on the jump-off as well. In the end, only six candidates entered the arena of the Palexpo to claim the victory of the Rolex Grand Prix. 

Darragh Kenny was the first to start with a fast clear ride. This did not impress the pair who had won two medals at the European Championships. Martin Fuchs and Leona Jei rode incredibly fast and with no flaws, positioning in first place in the nine obstacle jump-off course. 

Kent Farrington and Gazelle were better in time than Martin Fuchs, but the pole of the last oxer fell to the ground, meaning they were off the podium. Harrie Smolders finished 23 hundredths slower than Fuchs, and Max Kühner and Elektric Blue P completed the Rolex Grand Prix podium. 

The 20th Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final

After two exciting rounds, Olympic Champion Ben Maher and Explosion W won the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final. The ten best riders in the world competed for the title in the course designed by Gérard Lachat. Guerdat, Farrington, Brash, Fuchs and current number one, Fredricson were all penalised in the first round. 

Kevin Staut, who had hit an oxer during the first round, put his competitors under pressure during his fast ride in the second round without faults. Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward decided to take a big risk, which paid off as the pair finished in 51:16 with a double clear round. 

However, the gold medal would go to the Olympic champion as Ben Maher and Explosion W finished a perfect round in their first victory in Geneva. Belgian rider Jerome Guéry and Quel Homme de Hus deserved their third spot in the podium. 

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