Horse Dressage: What it is and types

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Horse training is the process and set of techniques for training horses, donkeys or mules. Currently, it is an Olympic sport in which you score the rider's ability to control and dominate a horse while you are on it.

Dressage instruction originates from the very nature of the human being to train the horse. It has now evolved into a mind-blowing and impressive sport in which the horse's calmness in response to the rider's commands is valued. Of course, also evaluating the elasticity, agility and flexibility in the development.

Many years ago, specifically in 1912 (Stockholm), horse dressage was included as an Olympic sport. It is one of the three disciplines that are currently disputed in the Olympic equestrian sport. Since then we can enjoy six events: each of the three disciplines in the individual and team modalities.

Types of horse dressage

There are different types such as: classical dressage, cowboy dressage, American western, natural dressage, among others.


Also known as Olympic dressage, it is an equestrian discipline that focuses on training the horse to develop its balance, flexibility and obedience. It is divided into three tests: dressage, show jumping and eventing.

Cowboy Dressage

Originally from Spain, it is a type of horse dressage whose origin traditionally comes from working with cattle. It focuses on the harmony between rider and horse, using specific movements and technical figures.

Natural Horsemanship

This form of dressage is based on understanding and communication with the horse using methods and techniques that mimic its natural behavior. The objective is to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect between rider and horse.

Western dressage

Also known as "western pleasure" or "western horsemanship", it originated in the United States. It focuses on working with western horses, using loose reins and fluid movements. It includes different disciplines, such as reining and cutting.

Working dressage

It is used in the field and in the handling of livestock. This type of horse dressage focuses on training the horse to be efficient and agile in tasks related to farm work, such as rodeo and transhumance.

High School Dressage

Also known as "advanced dressage" or "academic dressage", it is characterized by very refined and elegant movements. It involves highly complex exercises, such as "airs above the ground" (controlled jumps and lifts).

Endurance dressage

This discipline focuses on the horse's endurance and ability to perform long rides over varied terrain. The objective is to evaluate the horse's endurance, physical condition and ability to recover during long distance rides.

These are just a few examples of the types of horse training that exist. Each has its own specific characteristics and objectives, but all share the idea of developing harmonious and effective communication between rider and horse.

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