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The excitement for one of the top competitions in the world combined with emotional reactions of Bella Rose’s last performance. 

Isabell Werth gave her farewell to her companion in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Bella Rose. The horse and rider combination tuned to several classics and their 89.657% of the Olympic final in Tokyo was the silver lining in the centerline of the CHIO Aachen 2022 opening event. 

Once the medal ceremony was over during the Games, Isabell Werth confirmed she would be retiring Bella Rose from dressage and dedicate herself to breeding. 

Last minute changes

The amazing atmosphere in the opening of the CHIO Aachen 2022 saw around 200 horses, 500 extras and acrobats and Olympic gold medallists. This all turned the official opening of the World Equestrian Festival into an incredible evening in the Main Stadium.

What at first was thought to be a disaster ended in a huge success. The star guest Wincent Weiss cancelled at short notice due to a Corona infection, and organisers were quick to get Max Giesinger onto the stage in time for the Opening Ceremony.

After flying from Berlin, the German singer performed hits kicking off with the song “Auf das, was da noch kommt” (A toast to what is still to come). Below is the official videoclip of the song in case you want to tune to it at home:

Also, the CHIO Aachen has its official song: “In diesem Moment” (At this moment), an emotional ballad by the Höhner. The unforgettable experience had the 37,500 spectators singing from their seats in an emotional start to one of the most exciting equestrian competitions. 

A big welcome to young riders

This year’s motto of the CHIO Aachen 2022 is “Welcome to the Festival!”, aimed to encourage the youth more than ever. Aspiring young athletes from all disciplines will be entering the ring these days to compete for glory in one of the events of the Rolex Showjumping Grand Slam. 

For this, participants of the FEI Youth Equestrian Games gathered around during the ceremony. 30 young talents from 30 different nations saluted, accompanied by children carrying flags and their horses. To top it off, young dressage rider, Ukrainian Diana Borovik, officially declared the CHIO Aachen and the FEI Youth Equestrian Games to be open.  

More about Bella Rose

The opening closed with Olympic gold medallist Isabell Werth entering the stadium. Together with her “soulmate” horse, Bella Rose, they paid special tribute to the mare that is being held in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. Everyone was able to wish a wonderful retirement to Bella Rose. 

Born in February 12th, 2004, Bella Rose is a direct descendant from Bellisimo M. She already stood out during her junior years, and once at the senior level, her good marks only continued to rise. 

She debuted at the senior level at the CDI München Riem, and although during the 2014 World Equestrian Games she faced one of her biggest threats, Charlotte Dujardin’s Valegro, who has already retired from dressage, Bella Rose had to withdraw from this competition due to an inflamed hoof. 

Nonetheless three months later she had recovered and made a triumphant return at the CDI4* in Stuttgart, winning both the Grand Prix and the Special. 

We are eager to see how the CHIO Aachen will go these days and find out who will be crowned at the Rolex Grand Prix. Last year, it was Daniel Deusser who shined and grabbed the first place during the equestrian event. If you are interested in watching previous editions, then tune up to HorseTV!

Images from FEI and CHIO Aachen
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