Germany wins gold and silver in Individual Dressage

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Germany has proven to be the best nation in Olympic equestrian dressage as Jessica von Bredow-Werndl won the individual Olympic Gold followed by her teammate Isabell Werth who took silver. 

Von Bredow-Werndl and her mare TSF Dalera won the individual gold at the Grand Prix Freestyle. They achieved an impressive score of 91.732 to the soundtrack of “La La Land”. This is her second gold medal at the Olympics as the Germany squad had won the Team Dressage competition earlier on. 

Isabell Werth, together with her mare Bella Rose, remains the most successful Olympian, retaining her individual silver won at Rio 2016 and has now taken her 12th medal at the age of 52. 

“If I’m capable of competing, it is possible you will see me in Paris,” -Isabell Werth

Charlotte Dujardin has taken the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics and is the holder of the Olympic record for freestyle dressage. She also is her country’s most decorated female Olympian. She competed with the inexperienced Gio who succeeded Valegro

Full results

The complete scores for the Individual Dressage competition at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics Grand Prix freestyle are as follow:

  1. J. von Bredow-Werndl (Germany) 91.732
  2. I. Werth (Germany) 89.657
  3. C. Dujardin (Great Britain) 88.543
  4. C. Dufour (Denmark) 87.507
  5. Sabine Schut-Kery (United States) 84.300
  6. E. Gal (Netherlands) 84.157
  7. C.C. Kruth (Denmark) 83.329
  8. Carl Hester (Great Britain) 81.818
  9. J. Ramel (Sweden) 81.182
  10. S. Peters (United States) 80.968
  11. N.S. Merrald (Denmark) 80.893
  12. H.P Minderhoud (Netherlands) 80.682
  13. C. Fry (Great Britain) 80.614
  14. T. Nilshagen (Sweden) 79.721
  15. D. Schneider (Germany) 79.432
  16. R. Torres (Portugal) 78.943
  17. B. Ferrer-Salat (Spain) 77.532
  18. B. Fraser-Beaulieu (Canada) 76.404

Images from FEI

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