Ep.1 - GP Andalucía

Sunshine Tour - Ep.1 - GP Andalucía

61 min

The Sunshine Tour brings together more than 2,000 horses and 400 riders from 40 different countries during seven weeks of competition at the most important jumping tour in Europe. It is composed of four different Grand Prixes: the Andalucía Grand Prix, Diputación de Cádiz Grand Prix, Suzuki Grand Prix and the Longines Grand Prix.

With a CSI4* rating it is one of Europe’s toughest competitions where only a handful of riders advance to final rounds. In the Sunshine Tour they will have to demonstrate their stamina and adaptability to reach the outstanding speed of 400 meters per minute without faults.

Don’t miss the incredible actions of week one of the Spanish Sunshine Tour, now available on our channel.

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