Episode 4 - Simon Delestre & Laetitia Couëdic

Eduardo Moore Tournament - Episode 4 - Simon Delestre & Laetitia Couëdic

60 min

In the Eduardo Moore Tournament four 15-goal teams partake in a tough polo competition dedicated to a very special player.

The contest is a tribute to Argentinian player Eduardo Moore, friendly known as Gordo Moore, one of the most recognized players of all time and heart and soul of his team: the Nueva Scotia. He imposed a different way of playing between the 60s and early 80s and always transmitted his exquisite horsemanship in the way he handled the cue and ball. Eduardo Moore was a complete revolutionary of the sport in his era that still is very present nowadays in polo.

In 2020 Aravali disputes the final in this special tournament against their rivals: Snake Bite. Who will come up with victory at the end? Find out now, with Horse TV.

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